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Garage 529

Have you heard of Garage 529?

Free bike registry and recovery service

Garage 529 is a free bike registry and recovery service to deter theft and improve the likelihood of stolen bike recovery.


If your bike goes missing and it’s registered on Garage 529, an alert can be activated which notifies all relevant app users to be on the lookout for your bike.

The more registered bikes, the more successful the scheme.


Kiwi eCycle are in full support of Garage 529.


Get in touch and we'll register your bike for you.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 021519920.

Want a 529 Shield for your bike?

Once registered you can opt to get a tamper-resistant “529 protected” shield sticker with a unique registration code to place on the frame of your bike. The sticker isn’t essential but provides a tricky to remove visual deterrent to would-be thieves and makes checking a bike in the system super easy.

We supply the shield stickers with every bike we sell.


You are welcome to get a sticker from us. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t buy your bike from us.


To register your bike go to https://project529.com/garage

Click on Add your bike. Put in your email address and it takes seconds to do the rest.

Make sure you have a photo of your bike and its serial number to hand.


Learn how to register with 529 Garage and where shield stickers are available in Wellington.



Take a bike out of crime


Get in touch with us to register your bike.

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